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Kaseyville Unveiled To Teaching Staff

Teachers learn about Kaseyville.

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Kaseyville Commons

Darrell Edwards

Chairs in Commons

Kasey money

Toy store

Art and book store

Teachers reading manuals

A New Field Trio Destination For KCI Classes

Kaseyville was unveiled to the Kids Central Inc. teaching staff in an In-Service meeting held at our Esserville office. Kaseyville is the brainchild of Executive Director Darrell Edwards who came up with the concept of a place where children can be citizens of a place and experience different activities. He designed the stores, signage and even the currency the children will use in Kaseyville.

Children are given a bank account with $1.43 to spend at each visit to Kaseyville. They may purchase various items and will have a bank account to record their remaining funds, if any, for future visits. There will also be a Post Office where they can purchase cards and mail them.

Kaseyville will also feature an ice cream parlor, fruit & vegetable store (salads available) a toy store, and an art & book store.