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Parent Policy Council

Kids Central, Inc. is governed by two groups: the Board of Directors and the Parent Policy Council.

Policy Council Members

The Policy Council is comprised of 38 members. Fifty-one percent of the Policy Council must be comprised of current Head Start parents. The remaining membership is comprised of community representatives.

The Policy Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

Head Start Program Governance Training: Building Skills of Head Start Leaders

The Head Start Program Governance Training: Building Skills of Head Start Leaders is a comprehensive, self-paced training. It is designed for new and experienced governing body, and Head Start Policy Council members. The training module provides skill-building activities that will help governance leaders practice and fulfill their important role.

The module includes interactive activities that offer life-like scenarios for developing and furthering Head Start governance leadership skills. Grantees can use the module to develop a training plan for their governing bodies and Policy Councils, as required by Sec. 642(d)(3) of the Head Start Act and the terms and conditions for their five year project period grant award.

Topics covered in the module include:

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