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About Us

What is Kids Central Inc.?

Kids Central, Inc. (KCI) is a private, non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation and a grantee of the Head Start Bureau. KCI currently operates a Head Start grant, funded to serve children and families in Wise County, Dickenson County, and the City of Norton, Virginia. KCI also operates an Early Head Start grant, funded to serve pregnant women, infants, and toddlers in Wise County and the City of Norton.

Kids Central operates two program types; Early Head Start (EHS) and Head Start (HS). Early Head Start serves pregnant women and infants to 36 months of age. Head Start serves children 3 years old to school age.

We have two program options for each program type; Home base services and center base services. Home base services provide all the EHS and HS services in your home; 1 ½ hours during each week. Pregnant women are only served in our home base setting.

Center base services provide all the EHS and HS services to children ages one month to school age in a group setting.

Early Head Start operates year round (full year) programs. In Head Start we offer both full year and part year (operate Aug – May) options. Waiting lists are maintained for all program options. Eligibility is base on family income. To enroll your child you must complete Kids Central’s application and provide proof of income, immunization records and a birth record of your child.

As of March 2019

Our current enrollment: 340 children

Head Start serves 224 children:

 Early Head Start serves 116 children:

Kids Central Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors and Parent Policy Council comprised of Early Head Start and Head Start parents and community representatives. We are required by the United States federal government to comply with Head Start Performance Standards and local state and community mandates. All Kids Central’s classrooms are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Social Services.

To learn more about Early Head Start and Head Start visit the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center.

Values Statement

Service - We are committed to the highest standards of quality in our programs and operations. We promote courtesy, and dedication in our classrooms and administrative community.

Integrity - We will maintain loyalty to our Mission and the highest standards of ethical and professional character within a supportive work community. We work honorably and justly in all pursuits.

Innovation - We provide leadership in the development of solutions to address problems for children and their families; and encourage creative visionary ideas from our staff, volunteers, and our community.

Respect - We will maintain respect for the worth and dignity of all persons with whom we work and serve.

Diversity - We will maintain employment policies and provide services that promote cultural diversity, inclusion, and that capitalize on the strength of our program, while pursuing our mission.

Stewardship - We will be diligent, responsible stewards of financial and human resources while maintaining resources to address the needs of our constituents.

Head Start's overall philosophy is well-articulated in Section 1304.1-3(a) of the Performance Standards under the heading, "Head Start Goals"

The Head Start program approach is based on the philosophy that:

1. A child can benefit most from a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program to foster development and remedy problems as expressed in a broad range of services, and that:

2. The child's entire family, as well as community, must be involved. The program should maximize the strengths and unique experiences of each child. The family, which is perceived as the principal influence on the child's development, must be a direct participant in the program. Local communities are allowed latitude in developing creative program designs so long as the basic goals, objectives and standards of a comprehensive program are adhered to." (1304.1-3 (a) (1) and (2).