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Home Based Head Start

Esserville Office
5341 Esserville Rd.
Norton, VA

Accepting applications for the 2021-2022, program year. Call 276-679-0514 for more information.

Preschool Services

Kids Central offers preschool services right in the comfort of your own home with our Head Start Home Base program option. A highly qualified early childhood education teachers provides a weekly visit lasting 1 1/2 hours to implement a research based curriculum developed to be executed in a home setting. All supplies and a backpack are provided for every child enrolled in this Kindergarten readiness program option. Children and families also get to experience classroom experiences with socializations as well as monthly field trips to supplement and support in home learning.

Ashlee Boggs
276-679-0514, ext 121

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Summer Seymore
276-679-0514, ext 122

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Candyce Mullins
276-679-0514, ext 126

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Sherry Wampler
276-679-0514, ext 119

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Accepting Applications for 2020-21. Call 276-679-0514

Haysi Office
320 W. Main St.
Haysi, VA
FAX: 276-865-5764

Emily Mullins
276-679-0514, ext 125

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Shani Davis
276-679-0514, ext 124

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