Kids Central, Inc. is bringing the forces of governance together to create a workplace safety program for the entire staff. Working with our insurance providers, the Board of Directors and the Policy Council will assist the staff in structuring and implementing a program of workplace safety. The program will be mandatory for all employees, will be web-based with some presentations being made at in-service workshops and at annual staff training meetings.

Kids Central, Inc. has a Risk Management Program in effect, but over the years the implementation of that program has waned. As a company we must be ever more diligent about the decisions we make concerning our safety as well as the safety of our children and families.

Workplace safety is about preventing injury and illness to employees and volunteers in the workplace. Therefore, it’s about protecting Kids Central’s most valuable asset: its workers. By protecting the employees’ and volunteers’ well-being, Kids Central, Inc. reduces the amount of money paid out in health insurance benefits, workers’ compensation benefits and the cost of wages for temporary help. Also factor in saving the cost of lost-work hours (days away from work or restricted hours or job transfer), time spent in orienting temporary help, and the programs and services that may suffer due to fewer service providers, stress on those providers who are picking up the absent workers’ share or, worse case, having to suspend or shut down a program due to lack of providers.