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The Lifecycle of the Flu

American Family Care outlines the lifecycle of the flu. Here's what you need to know!

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KCI 2018-2019 Staff Accomplishments

Bachelor's Degree:

Associate's Degree:

Career Studies Certificate:

Growing Great Kids at Kids Central

Head Start Home Visitors at Kids Central will begin a new curriculum with their families this year, Growing Great Kids. The curriculum is a great balance of social-emotional development and school readiness skills for preschool age children.

Growing Great Kids training

All 6 home visitors received certification to begin implementation of this curriculum beginning August 2017. Growing Great Kids facilitates academic work in preparation for Kindergarten while the Growing Great Families portion of the curriculum caters to each families individual situation to increase parenting and life skills for their entire family.

Growing Great Kids training


Congratulations to Angela Deel (Infant/Toddler) for completing her Child Develop Associates Degree (CDA) Renewal and to Lee Hyde for getting his (Infant/Toddler) CDA and to everyone who has received or renewed their CDA this year.

Thank you to everyone who will be completing the Spring Semester and for all your hard work. Good luck to those who will be starting summer classes.

We knew you could do it, way to go!! We are all very proud of you all.

Fighting Job-related Stress

Fighting Job-related StressIncreasing student enrollment, poor student motivation and variety of other stressors that come with working in an educational environment can be a lot to handle. If you don't take steps to counteract the stress, these job-related stressors can lead to health problems, injuries and job failure.

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Encountering a Hostile Intruder

Playing it safeYour reaction and ability to communicate well in the event that you encounter a hostile intruder at the facility can mean saving lives. There are a few things you should consider carefully now so that if an incident does arise, you are fully prepared to protect yourself and your students.

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Staff babies and grandbabies born 2014/15!


Middle: Ethan Robert Zayne Durham, grandson of Janice Stidham, Early Head Start Home Visitor DOB: 3-9-15, 7lbs 9ozs.

Right: Phoenix McKenna Reid Graves, grandson of Education Supervisor Leslie Graves, DOB: 6/6/15, 8ibs. 7oz., 20 1/2 inches long


Left: London Graves, Grandson of Leslie Graves, Education Supervisor
DOB: 12-3-14, 7lbs. 6oz., 21 in.

Middle: Jaxson Mullins, Son of Megan Mullins, Cook/Assistant at Esserville
DOB: 2-25-15, 7 lbs. 9.9 oz., 19.4 in.

Right: Adyson Ryder Stallard, Daughter of Tesha Stallard, Caregiver in Esserville Infant Center, DOB: 07-23-2014, 7 lbs 0.1 ozs. 19 in.


Left: Granddaughter of Pam Bowens. DOB: 5/12/15, 5lb. 13oz., 19 in.

Middle: Sawyer Lee Sexton, Son of Brittany Sexton, EHS Home Visitor. DOB: 10/10/14, 7lbs. 13oz., 193⁄4 in.

Right: Ellie Mae Rich, Daughter of Ruth Rich, EHS Caregiver at Appalachia Early. DOB: 4/29/15; 7lbs. 10oz., 193⁄4in.

Lifting Safely

Lift with your legs not with your backDid you know you may be at risk for serious injury if you do not lift correctly? Improper lifting may cause back injuries that can take months or even years to heal. Sometimes the injuries are disabling or permanent. This can be prevented if you learn to lift correctly.

Preparing to Lift
If the load looks too heavy, do not lift it by yourself. Ask for assistance and use mechanical aids when possible. Be sure to wear safety shoes in case you drop something. If the object has rough or sharp edges, wear properly fitting work gloves that are in good condition. This will help you to get a better grip as well as protect your hands.

Making the Lift
Crouch down with the load between your legs and get a good grip on the object. As you stand up, lift with your legs, keeping your back vertical and the load as close to your body as possible. If you have to place the load to your left or to your right, do not twist your body -- move your feet instead. To lower a load, simply reverse the knees bent/back vertical procedure.


What is Workplace Safety?

wet floor signKids Central, Inc. is bringing the forces of governance together to create a workplace safety program for the entire staff. Working with our insurance providers, the Board of Directors and the Policy Council will assist the staff in structuring and implementing a program of workplace safety. The program will be mandatory for all employees, will be web-based with some presentations being made at in-service workshops and at annual staff training meetings.

Safety, Walk Don't RunKids Central, Inc. has a Risk Management Program in effect, but over the years the implementation of that program has waned. As a company we must be ever more diligent about the decisions we make concerning our safety as well as the safety of our children and families.

If it's unsafe: report it, remove it, replace itWorkplace safety is about preventing injury and illness to employees and volunteers in the workplace. Therefore, it's about protecting Kids Central’s most valuable asset: its workers. By protecting the employees' and volunteers' well-being, Kids Central, Inc. reduces the amount of money paid out in health insurance benefits, workers' compensation benefits and the cost of wages for temporary help. Also factor in saving the cost of lost-work hours (days away from work or restricted hours or job transfer), time spent in orienting temporary help, and the programs and services that may suffer due to fewer service providers, stress on those providers who are picking up the absent workers' share or, worse case, having to suspend or shut down a program due to lack of providers.